It's v. hard for me to let myself seen w/ out my make-up on.  So, this is for that.   Roughed ideas, photographs of what I"m doing before it's finished.

I've done some of this already, but notice that making this list is on the list.  I'll try for breaking it down into smaller pieces as things get done and photographs get took.

  .. and some of this for other websites, so I'll connect those to those when they get writ.

What I would like to do, items 1 to 3:

for KANO:
drill and scroll cut mountboard ghost template
drill and scroll cut mountboard ghost eyes template
.. little car somehow
h.k. sticker
shoot everything

run KANO
see how far you can operate BBC micro:bit thru that


so I'm curious how far it's possible to build h.a. just thru / on here

pixelart jagged geometric pattern
disk img favicon


new bg in similar colours, roughs w/ inverted colour bg
list of I would like to:
BBC micro:bit game
+make s/t that moves
rabbit prototype
You Have Been Selected prototype
weird synth
Daikaiju figures
Daikaiju game
Lomography shots of wood parts and toys, close up and lit up
map orig. dungeon
redraw orig. d. sprites
write poëms
write jokes / plays
get toys tested
make $hops
make roughs
make b.g.'s
it is the spirit animal of my spirit animal
KANO pac-man g-g-g-ghost
KANO moominmamma
KANO mu txt adv.
BBC micro:bit movement tests accelerometer
+hold button, press button, say
BBC micro:bit haiku dungeon
shoot One Man &c.
BBC micro:bit arcade buttons shopping list
BBC micro:bit haunted house 2 room demo
holesaw / router bush circle jig

entries under Today I have: logotyping
r.r. sprite work
KANO, builded and shooted
destructive testing books 2, 3


  ..poëms, photographs, routing haunted attic 0shoot for it 0write for it
  ..lighter grey on background grey .xyz b/g for Cat Scratch pictures
  i.e. catscra((alternate lines rotated))
  ..set-up and populate social medias
I want to:

clear space in my sittingroom
sell a saw
route a circle ((it's not rude))
paint, sand, paint, rebuild a stool
start and learn how to paint/ing
sculpt another werewolf
spray paint a LEGO and rebuild it and shoot it
Ask me to stay.  ((+ set microetry template))
It is the spirit animal of my spirit animal
change the font

Bear Guts